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PS2 controller with lineage 2! (not as awkward as it sounds) Aug. 7th, 2007 @ 03:14 pm
with my PS2 controller set up with my playstation->USB adaptor all hooked up, i decided to give it a try with L2.

took a while to figure out controls, but here they are:

Swordsinger vs. Temple Knight Aug. 1st, 2007 @ 05:46 pm
Ok. I cannot decide what my lvl. 40 class transfer should be. I am debating between Swordsinger and Temple Knight. I don't really want a buffer, and would like attacks (a la power strike, etc...). Are cubics very helpful? I have tried to look at the skill list, but with every level of the skill, the list is very daunting and hard to keep track of whats what. I still have quite a ways to decide, but i would like to get it out of the way so i can stop thinking about it.

And also, is the next class after the lvl. 40 (Sword Muse, Phoenix Knight, etc...) in C4? or new additions to C5?
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May. 12th, 2007 @ 11:29 am
Ding! Level 75~~! ^^

Apr. 25th, 2007 @ 01:25 am
Hihi! I'm new to the community, it looks a bit dead, so I'm coming by to say hi.
Bladedancer (74, 41% in >.<;;;), Gustin Server.
So I'm here to ask... everyone's class, race, server (or which private server you play on) and level if you'd like to give that out!
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PvP Event D= Jan. 25th, 2007 @ 05:45 pm
PvP event was suspose to be 3 vs 3 but something happened to our 3rd member T.T

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Hello everybody :)

Have a question on a Spectral Dancer (BladeDancer 3d prof). Does anyone know radius of the Dance of Medusa? Is it similar to AoE poison dance or larger? Less than overlord buffs/heals radius? Or maybe just plain numeric info. Screenshots. Anything.

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I finally got hold of the picture that has eluded me so long! Photobucket shrank it considerably; the original is quite large. If any of you want a copy, let me know. I have AIM, Y!IM and MSN IM.
» Seeking an elusive picture....
Hello. I am very fond of Lineage II artwork. I found a picture that impresses me very much, but as you can see, it is only a screenshot of someone's desktop! I wondered if any of you have (or know where to find) a higher-quality version of that image. Google has failed me repeatedly, and I cannot even find the picture on the Lin2 official website.

Thanks for your time.
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